Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Getting to Know the Staff: Part 1

One of the first things that we do as a staff, is to take a short personality quiz. I always think it's interesting to figure out where I fall in these things. But I really think it helps us on staff to understand one another more, and to recognize ways to strengthen relationships. There will be posts later where I tell you more about the other members of the staff, but I may refer to their animal personality types and I don't want that to be confusing.

If you want to take the quiz I have included it below, or you can skip to the bottom and simply read about each personality type. Keep in mind that one category cannot possibly cover all aspects of an individual's personality, and that the characteristics in each category may not fit everyone who falls into that category.


Choose the item in each line that is most like you, and put a 4 in the blank next to it. Pick the item that is next and put a 3 in that blank, and a 2 and a 1.

1)   ___ Likes Authority     ___ Enthusiastic                ___ Sensitive Feelings          ___ Likes Instruction
2)   ___ Takes Charge        ___ Takes Risks                  ___ Loyal                                   ___ Accurate
3)   ___ Determined           ___ Visionary                     ___ Calm                                    ___ Consistent
4)   ___ Enterprising           ___ Verbal                           ___ Enjoys Routine               ___ Predictable
5)   ___ Competitive           ___ Promoter                    ___ Dislikes Change               ___ Practical
6)   ___ Problem Solver     ___ Enjoys Popularity    ___ Gives in to Others           ___ Factual
7)   ___ Productive              ___ Fun-loving                 ___ Avoids Confrontation   ___ Responsible
8)   ___ Bold                           ___ Likes Variety             ___ Sensitive                             ___ Prefers Perfection
9)   ___ Decision Maker     ___ Spontaneous           ___ Nurturing                           ___ Detail Oriented
10) ___ Persistent               ___ Inspirational             ___ Peace Maker                     ___ Analytical

Now add up the totals for each column.

    a) _____                           b) _____                              c) _____                                   d) _____


a) Lion

Positives: Determined, Independent, Productive, Strong-willed, Visionary, Optimistic, Active, Practical, Courageous, Decisive, Self-Confident, Efficient, Leader

Negatives: Unempathetic, Pushy, Insensitive, Inconsiderate, Severe, Hostile, Sarcastic, Tough, Unforgiving, Opinionated, Prejudiced, Harsh, Arrogant

b) Monkey

Positives: Outgoing, Ambitious, Charismatic, Warm, Stimulating, Responsive, Talkative, Enthusiastic, Carefree, Compassionate, Dramatic, Generous, Friendly

Negatives: Weak-willed, Manipulative, Restless, Disorganized, Unproductive, Excitable, Undependable, Undisciplined, Obnoxious, Loud, Reactive, Exaggerates, Fearful, Egotistical

c) Golden Retriever

Positives: Calm, Supportive, Easygoing, Likeable, Respectful, Diplomatic, Efficient, Willing, Organized, Conservative, Practical, Dependable, Reluctant Leader, Agreeable, Dry Humor

Negatives: Unbothered, Conforming, Blase, Indolent, Unsure, Spectator, Selfish, Ingratiating, Stingy, Stubborn, Dependent, Self-Proactive, Indecisive, Awkward, Fearful

d) Beaver

Positives: Industrious, Gifted, Perfectionist, Persistent, Conscientious, Loyal, Serious, Aesthetic, Idealistic, Exacting, Sensitive, Self-Criticizing, Orderly, Self-Disciplined

Negatives: Moody, Critical, Negative, Rigid, Indecisive, Legalistic, Self-Centered, Stuffy, Touchy, Vengeful, Picky, Persecution Prone, Unsociable, Moralistic, Theoretical

I will conclude this part of "Getting to Know the Staff" by saying, I am a beaver (the only one on staff). So maybe that will let you understand my personality a bit more. As the summer progresses I will try to make sure that you have met everyone else.